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May 15, 2019 2 min read

My name is Abby Broell and I am a 28 year old health and mindset coach born and raised in the midwest. I currently run my business from home while homeschooling my daughter and enjoy spending my free time with my family, outdoors or in the gym. Growing up, I experienced depression and anxiety from a very young age and struggled with my weight and body image as a result of that.

[ To be  clear, I was not depressed because I was overweight; I was overweight because I was depressed and unable to navigate / process my emotions in an effective way.]

As unhappy as I was, I refused to take any medication consistently and used food to control / numb my pain instead. Reflecting back, I had a very clear cycle: let my depression and anxiety spiral out of control, binge to comfort / distract myself from the pain, shame and self-hate post binge, take medication until I noticed improvement, stop taking medication and repeat. Sound familiar?

At 24 years old, my weight and depression had reached an all time high. On what was otherwise a regular day in November 2015, I woke up changed. Something in me snapped; I decided I would never allow myself to feel that low again. I was broke as a joke, had zero idea as to what that looked like or how long it would take but none of that mattered.. I had decided.

For the first time in 24 years, I took complete responsibility for the way I felt and my quality of life. Without a clue as to what I was doing or a dime to my name, I went all in. I created an anonymous instagram account to track my progress, utilized every opportunity and free resource available to me and in ten months, I lost 100 lbs.

I’ve spent the last three years focusing on my mental health / the internal aspects of sustainable change and empowered over 200 women to do the same with my 1:1 coaching program. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with so many women on such a personal level, I am very excited to now offer the same information in a much more affordable and accessible way! Click here for more information BROKE GIRLS GUIDE